Wi-Fi Door & Window Sensor

Wi-Fi Door & Window Sensor

Regardless of wherever you are; be informed when your door or window is opened.

Smart Door / Window Sensor detects whether a door or window is open or closed and warns you with a notification on your device (phone, tablet).
Sensor uses two magnetic units to detect the motion. One unit is placed to the relevant door, window or other unit is placed on the moving. When the sensor is triggered, Cuppon Smart door / window sensor sends a warning signal via Wi-Fi communication.
Easily connects to your Wi-Fi with its installation not requiring the Gateway controller unit.
Wireless design offers flexible placement options.
Cuppon Smart application for Android and IOS allows you to enjoy remote home monitoring and set instant notifications on your mobile devices to receive warnings.
Smart Door / Window Sensor allows you to use in areas such as safe, cabinet, etc. except the door or window.
Integrates with other Cuppon Smart Home Systems products and may provide multiple functions.
For long term performance, built-in battery ensures interrupted operation up to 1 year.

Technical Characteristics

Battery: CR2 X 1 (included)
Standby State current: 13µA
Battery Life: 1 Year (15 times/day); 2 years (7 times/day)
Main Body Dimensions: 71x21x22mm
Wi-Fi Range: 45 m
Wireless Type: 2.4 GHz
Protocol: IEEE802.11b/g/n
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C

Easy Installation


Download the application,Sign up fast.


Add the device,Sync up.


Start to use!

Sensitive Detection and Instant Warning System

Opportunity To Use In Many Application Areas

Instant Notification


Up To Two Years Uninterrupted Operation

Easy Installation