Our high-tech services


Sinus Electronics is a leading company with its products and technology that makes a difference in its sector. We regard our R&D activities as a basis of our production strategies. We provide Project designing or technical support services with our experienced electronic engineers and trained personnel. In this context, we provide the following services:

* Improving the current design,
* PCB (Electronic card) design or adjustment
* Building a prototype
* Electronic card modernization (TH-SMD Conversion)
* Making ready for mass production.

SMD Code

As Sinus Electronics, we provide rapid and quality solutions with single- and double-sided electronic cards in ESD-controlled environment, conforming to the IPC standards, with 30.000 pcs/hour capacity in state-of art our SMD assembly line. Depending on the customer's request, leaded or lead-free soldering processesas well as glue are carried out in SMD code.

Thanks to the detailed temperature control features of our 12-zone (9 heating zone -3 cooling zone) oven, the processes of only soldering, only glue, or both and/or soldering on both sides of the same card can be performed on our PCB line coded with SMD.

SMD Code Criteria ;
Component Height: 25 mm Min.
Component Measure: 01005
Component Code Sensitivity:50m@ Laser Centering / 30mm@ Vision Centering Component
Drawing Range: 1.0x5 mm - 74x74 mm
Lineable PCB Measure: Max. 700 x 460 mm / Min. 50 x 40 mm

TH Code

Regarding TH materials prepared in cutting and forming machines, after their code is made to the cards in manual coding lines, leaded or lead-free soldering process is performed by pre-heat type double wave solder machine. In soldering processes, a perfect manufacturing procedure is enabled with the most suitable soldering profile in order to avoid Flux wastes and short circuit on cards.

We provide rapid and quality solutions to our customers with a code capacity of 3000 components per hour on true hole code line. The values, directions and soldering qualifications of the components on the coded cards are controlled manually.

Material Supply

In line with our customers' demand, we carry out PCB, elect., deficient component or full component supply for the electronic cards which we will produce.

We are aiming to purchase the correct component with the best cost from its alternatives by carrying on a meticulous study during the whole purchasing process. The compatibility of outsourced production materials with quality standards is checked by our incoming quality control personnel and the result obtained is recorded to the stocks by being transferred to the production department.

Besides, incoming quality control department gives information to the purchasing department in order to take the inventory of materials brought by customers and to supply the deficiencies.

Electrical Test

Electrical and function tests can be performed in accordance with the procedure determined by the customer.

Mounting- Packaging and Shipping

Mounting and cabling processes are conducted in accordance with the technical documents specified by customer and the cards processed are wrapped and packaged using anti-static materials. The packaged products are shipped with our company's vehicles in Istanbul. For our customers outside of Istanbul, products are sent via contracted courier company.