Wi-Fi Heat and Humidity Meter

Wi-Fi Heat and Humidity Meter

Heat and Humidity Meter is used to detect temperature and humidity changes in the ambient.

You may see real time value on the device display.
Also, you may update data in cloud and user applications..
Appropriate for use at home, bank, hotel and office.

Technical Characteristics

Power Adaptor: 4.5V(3*AAA Battery)
Communication distance: 70m (Outdoor)
Sensibility: ≥-91dBm
Transmission power: ≤20dBm
Wireless Type: 2.4 GHz
Standby current: ≤20uA
Operating current: ≤250mA
Temperature Tolerance: 0.5
Low power indicator: Supported
Battery Life: 1 Year
Product Dimensions: 64x64x28mm
Operating Temperature: -10 – 55 ℃ ambient temperature
Operating Humidity Level: 5%

Easy Installation


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Easy Installation

Real Time Value