Wi-Fi Smart Valve Controller

Wi-Fi Smart Valve Controller

Thanks to the Cuppon smart valve, even if you are away from home, your gas and water valves in your home will be under control.

Wherever you are, it provides the opportunity to control the opening and closing of your gas and water valves with the warning notification sent to your smart phone or tablet.
It easily connects to your Wi-Fi with no need for a Gateway controller setup.
It provides measures against situations such as loss of life and property that may be caused by water or gas leakage.
It can provide multi-function by itself or integrated with other cuppon smart smart home systems products; can customize according to your needs.
When it's time to water the garden, you can set your valve to open and close automatically.
It can be integrated with our other products (siren, sensor) to obtain a more comprehensive security area.
It has timing control feature.
It is suitable for many uses.
Household water supply pipe valve, farmland irrigation pipe valve, garden irrigation pipe, farm water pipe valve, gas valve etc.

Technical Characteristics

Working environment temperature: -10℃-50℃
Humidity: <95%
Power supply voltage: 12V/1A
Valve pressure: 1.6MPa
Torque: 30-60Kg.cm
Valve Closing Time: 5-10s
Valve Opening Time: 5-10s
Valve Specification: 4or6
Application Valve Type: Handle valve, butterfly valve
Communication Technology: Zigbee
Communication Frequency: 2.4GHz
Application: IOS, Android

Easy Installation


Download the application,Sign up fast.


Add the device,Sync up.


Start to use!

Remote Control Technology

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Easy Installation