CSD-250 Kit 1

CSD-250 Door Kit 1

The system is fully customizable in sizes, finishes and colors,can also be enhanced with a variety of size, security and safety options with capacity of 150 Kgs for double wing or 150kgs Kgs for single wing.

Latest generation and highly functional main board control unit is designed with switched-mode power supply (SMPS), which is compared to the classic transformer guarantees greater energy savings, less weight, reduced dimensions and greater accelerations to ensure comfortable and safe use while operating.

Aluminum track with changeable rail provides you low noise and lets you to replace the bottom rail if there is any abrasion and it has practical hook with release device to keep the lid open during maintenance and cleaning.

As space-saving,automatic door systems have become indispensable in many areas of our lives. Compact and elegant automatic door operators specially designed for hotels, airports,offices, private homes,hospitals,schools,banks…etc.

User Guide

Technical Specification

Product Code CSD250
Operating Voltage 230 V AC ± %10 50 Hz
Motor Voltage 24 V DC
Opening Speed (Adjustable) 0.9 m/s
Closing Speed (Adjustable) 0.7 m/s
Max. Leaf Weight 120 kg (1 leaf), 240 kg (2 leaves)
Kit Dimensions & Weight 60 x 30 x 12 cm / 13 kg
Failure Reporting Warning with trouble code and sound via LCD screen
Adjustable Staying Open Time Available
Adjustable Speed Available
Audible Alarm Available
Self Positioning Available
Extra Photocell Optional
Extra Radar Optional
Opening-Closing with Remote Controller Optional
Night Mode Available
Hand Sensor Optional
Thumbwheel Switch & RF Card Reader Optional
Permanent Open-Permanent Close Available
Automatic Operation Available
Language Features English, Turkish
Current Draw 0,6 A
Motor Power 95 W
Protection Level IP 20 only for dry environments
Operating Temperatures Between -15° and 60°C
Aluminium Chassis Dimensions 3.5 / 4.5 / 6.5 meters
Engine Lock Available
Adjustable Time Available
Adjustable Distance Available
Interlock System Available
Photocell Available
Height Photocell Optional
Curtain Photocell Microwave Radar Optional
PC Connection Optional
Bluetooth Technology Optional
Battery Module Optional
Bend Button Optional
ID Card Transition Optional
Only Input-Only Output Available
Half Opening Automatically adjustable
Optional accessory, compat. with Bluetooth, Android and Apple systems